Youth Activities

Engaging our youth in meaningful activities that nurture their spiritual growth and connection with God is a priority at New Day Lutheran. During our worship services, youth messages inspire and empower our younger members to explore their faith journey with curiosity and enthusiasm. Following worship, creative crafts provide an avenue for self-expression and fellowship, strengthening bonds within our community. Additionally, our confirmation classes offer guidance and mentorship as our youth deepen their understanding of their faith and prepare for a lifelong commitment to Christ. Through these activities, we aim to cultivate a supportive environment where young hearts are nurtured, minds are enriched, and spirits are uplifted.

"A New Command I Give You: Love One Another. As I Have Loved You, So You Must Love One Another." - John 13:34

We're here to listen, support, and welcome you into our inclusive community at New Day Lutheran Church. Let's start a conversation and explore together the boundless love and grace of God.